Could This Be The Samsung Galaxy S3? [VIDEO]

TechDeville writes: A Vietnamese site going by the name of seems to have gotten their hands on what they claim is a Galaxy S3.

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Kos-Mos2425d ago

There`s a new phone every month. And the upgrades are small. It`s how the business is because you`re phone lasts about a year. People are throwing themselves out the window just over a small upgrade. People I say? I mean teens.

mushroomwig2425d ago

Teens? Everyone is guilty of this, all kinds of people go crazy every time a new iPhone or an iPad is released and for what? Small upgrades like you said.

Kos-Mos2424d ago

Ok, I will correct myself; teen mentality.

crxss2425d ago

what exactly is your point?

i think this is a pretty substantial upgrade over the s2. it has a quad core 32nm cpu, larger screen, a ~319 ppi, 4G, etc. it's been upgraded more than the iphone 4S was over the 4

gaffyh2424d ago

I wonder what the battery is like.

Chucky20032424d ago

So,if its a quad core..what?do you think it will blow your mind because of that,no,if the applications won't support a quad core,you can piss yourself on that quad core,dual core is enough right now,you need a dual core for filming 1080p,all the applications right now are for single core phones,only maybe some exclusive deals may support dual,this is just a marketing crap,i'm curious how long the battery will last

Thatguy-3102424d ago

thought that there was only going to be the home button on the front?This obviously isnt S3

Azmatik2424d ago

it better have the rectangle button!!!!

Agent_hitman2424d ago

Finally another slight upgrade phone that many consumers will buy.

Rashonality2424d ago

good thing i waited, this should be a good upgrade from my iPhone 4