Mandatory Data Black Boxes coming to all new US cars from 2015

What's Hawt: A soon to be approved bill will force all car manufacturers to fit data recording black box devices in all new US cars as of 2015.

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Speed-Racer2370d ago

I don't see it being too huge a problem. The chance that the government may intervene is very unlikely and the box could really determine who is right and wrong in those tricky situations with simulation re-creation.

Soldierone2369d ago

They have to realize that besides Computer people, car people are good at tweaking and figuring out anything. Combine the two and suddenly people can tweak these boxes to favor themselves (say the car didn't work right, or they were in the right) and they will never be able to tell it was tampered with. "anti-tamper" boundries don't do anything.

Fat Onion2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

This is just going to be the beginning. I figure once all money is moved to an RFID implantable chip, this device can help shut that person out of society if the government does not like them. Stop them from buying food and driving any newer car. Soon older cars will have to be retrofitted with this device.

People the government don't like:

1)People that support the constitution.
2)People against mandatory vaccines.
3)People that vote for other parties besides Democrat and Republican.
4)People against un-nessesary wars.
5)People that believe the Federal Reserve should be audited.
6)People that believe in small government.
7)People against lobyest and bribery.

"I Am Government!!! Citizen...Sit Down And SHUT UP!!!"

rataranian2368d ago

They can do that now dude. If the fed doesn't want you around, you wont be. And theres no law against it. They are the law.

LiquifiedArt2369d ago

any more government control isnsomething im fully against. i dont want or meed a black box or a more expensive care because of such a box


SKUD2369d ago (Edited 2369d ago )

The black box could be useful. With a GPS attached accident reports can be better documented and analyzed. Due too the massive amount of bad drivers out there I'm all for it. With every piece of technology though. It can end up in the wrong hands.

adorie2369d ago

we don't need black boxes, just make the fines outrageous for doing STUPID things out on the road. cutting people off without a blinker?

haha, make that 2 grand, we'll see how much people do that when it's 2 grand a pop and since the money would be pouring in for the first few months, put more traffic cops out on the road and refine those stealth techniques so you can catch people in action a lot easier.

raise the fines? yes. black boxes? no.

SKUD2368d ago

I somewhat agree that raising traffic violation fines could be a deterrent. I'm beginning to wonder if turn signals are optional now when buying a car and people just don't opt for it.

On the flip side however in terms of the law its not what really happened but what you can prove. This is where the black box can work for you. Proving what exactly happened. It would put a huge dent to irresponsible drivers. Helping in keeping the roads safe. Driving is a privilege, not a right.

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