Five Useful Upgrades for Your Computer’s Unused Bays (and a Few Ridiculous Ones)

Life Hacker - You've got, what, one DVD drive on the front of your computer? You have so many empty drive bays—how embarrassing! Here are a few awesome (and absurd) things you can put in those bays to add extra features to your computer.

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fatstarr2430d ago

life hacker has some great reads.

I have all of those currently lol well all of the typical ones.

the ridiculous has caught my interest
CrazyPC 5.25 Inch Bay Toaster
and the 7" monitor has my interest. thats just swag. and I want 1 now.

people will come to my room and not only will they mess with my fan controller wondering what it is but they will also be confused by my bay monitor.