AMD preps price cuts

KitGuru: It’s a weird world, no doubt. Against the backdrop of an overall market slump, Gartner turns around and says that shipments of desktop PCs have just jumped almost 2% – to the surprise of just about everyone. At the same time, it’s a competitive world and just because ‘more of something’ is being bought – doesn’t mean that it’s being bought from you. KitGuru dons a padded sumo suit and prepares to get in between two 800 pound gorillas.

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parasit32378d ago

Woot! Hopefully the AMD Radeon HD 7970 and HD 7950 drops to AMD Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950 pricing.

BakedGoods2378d ago

I'm skipping ATi this gen. I've had nothing but trouble with my 5970 and ATi drivers.

nVidia here I come.

aaaaaaaaa2378d ago

I'm right with you, nvidia here we come as soon as I have done saving.

hiredhelp2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Thas the 5000 series did you not even try 6000 series maybe you should also go for refrence designs as i find them better. Grab names like sapphire witch are long term partners with AMD.

if i went back to the green side after being scared witless with bad drivers recently, i would be sure to buy refrence design evega are nvidias favourd backer too.

Food for thought before you jump ship look at nvidia forums gtx 600 section and on the drivers section specially drivers you find hundreds pages complaints.
Im not talking shit here lads as ive just come back from the green team from sli 560.
TDR,Screen tear even vsync on to pc crashing. Yes tested other cards made no change.
So after xmas bought 7970 still scared to update drivers cosway been shafted nvidia after month of 2 drivers had no issues and every game feels fluid alot more faster than my sli justwith 1 card 7970.
No driver issues whats so ever but again i bought refrence no after cooler market suff or twin fans.
Just based on amd card. Sapphire for AMD , EVEGA for nvidia the choice up to you.

But there problems with the 600 series that resemble simular issues gtx 500 series. Vsync. And tdr. Thats without people moaning about overclock cos cant turn off boost technology.

Issues 600 series below. This not everyone just some people but its like 3 pages now cards not long been out. Hmmmmm