Anonymous Hacker AnonWormer Unmasked by Girlfriend's Cleavage Picture

IBT says

A member of Anonymous has allegedly been arrested in Australia after authorities tracked down his identity and whereabouts from a graphic cleavage shot of a bikini-clad woman.

The FBI charged Higinio O Ochoa III, from Texas, with hacking into the websites of US law enforcement agencies and dumping personal information of police officers including their home addresses, home and mobile phone numbers.

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fatstarr2376d ago

thats why you always clean the camera data and info from your pictures lmao who doesnt know this.

I bet hes all like damn you Exif data

Blackdeath_6632375d ago

im suprised he has a girlfriend to begin with.

SantistaUSA2375d ago

What a rookie mistake! not a true hacker if you ask me, well maybe next time he won't forget to turn the gps photo feature off next time :p lol

Speed-Racer2375d ago

That's what you get for being arrogant as well.

Somebody2375d ago

First it was their own leader's betrayal and now by some cleavage.

Rather anti climatic downfall. At least they could go out with guns blazing.

noprin2375d ago

that was lulzsec not Anonymous :P

bwyyoung2375d ago

Well, I guess he and his girlfriend were *puts on sunglasses*....



tarbis2375d ago

Like I always say. If they can find Bin Laden, then Anonymous and Lulzsec are much easier to find.

Upbeat2375d ago

near sure bin laden has been found lol

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