AT&T employees recommending iPhone 4S over Lumia 900

MobileBliss: Studies show that most AT&T employees recommend the iPhone 4S to new smartphone buyers and are generally unaware of what makes Windows Phone different.

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fatstarr3116d ago

SHit like this pisses me off and its just one of the many reasons why I hate apple.

same thing happens when I go to buy dj equipment

Lackey: sir what computer do you have
Me: windows 7 ultimate
Lackey: you should get a macbook for Djing.

shit like that happens on a daily basis in bestbuy and all other places where apple products are offered. since people are so technology illiterate they listen to these lackeys as if they were personal IT consultants. it really pisses me off. just pure brainwashing.

MeridianHope3115d ago

And this is Apple's fault... why, exactly?

I get it, you don't like Apple, but your hate seems to stem from sales reps being "uneducated" instead of anything Apple has done other than create and offer a product that people like.

fatstarr3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Because it happens at multiple stores of different types. in multiple locations.

like apple is paying them some sort of commission.

consumers get told lies
that make them believe that apple has the best product with the best features with 0 flaws and 0 problems could ever go wrong with it

and those consumers start a relationship on a lie and then they become apple hipsters and apple elitists. that flood and ruin the internet.

then some get in high positions and force others to buy apple products. for example professors at some schools put it in the syllabubs that you need a mac book... my friend asked why do we need that trash and the professor spouted the same false nonsense that a majority of the class believed.

MeridianHope3115d ago

uhm ok... if the stores are spouting BS that you don't believe to be true, that's the stores doing it, not Apple. Apple does *NOT* pay commission to sell their products (not even at the official Apple stores). In fact, this is something they have often by criticized about.

Consumers certainly do get told lies, a lot of them fail to do the research and educate themselves. Again, how is this Apple's fault? I've seen / heard plenty of lies from the other side of the fence too. This goes both ways.

"Apple hipsters and Apple elitists" - these phrases are tossed around a lot but what nobody wants to admit is that there are plenty of Windows snobs and Android hipsters as well. In fact, I see people like you on the internet *bitching* about Apple *WAY MORE* than I see people extolling them.

As for the professor story, I simply don't believe that. There is little plausible reason for any class to require the use of a Mac unless the class is specifically related to programming for OS X or some such. Provide a verifiable source for your story or GTFO. To me it sounds like the typical baseless BS haters like to spew about Apple. And in any case, even if it were true, again this isn't Apple's fault.

Everything that's got your panties in a knot is your perception of how people who own Apple products behave and have nothing to do with Apple or the products themselves. You're as bad as people who hate other people just because they believe in a different version of God.

SSKILLZ3115d ago

you do know that apple computers and laptop are industry standard right and are best choice for pro work. so that's why i think its the first recommended choice costumers are suggested to buy. but people like different things so it shouldn't bug you, the only thing that bugs me is not having the cash to buy the apple products i wish i could :) .

fatstarr3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

" that apple computers and laptop are industry standard right "

prime example. exactly what Im talking about.

its only like that because apple brainwashed people with words like that. and thats why the "professional media " world is the way it is. all those freelance photographers all suckered. a good majority of the DJ's suckered in. movie makers suckered in.

givemeshelter3112d ago

Actually what is your definition of "pro work"
Because if it is 3D rendering, programing, 3D Modeling and advanced level computations, MAC Pro's are not the computers used mostly. Not even close.
They are PC's.

MAC's are used primarily in the entertainment industry, Design industry etc...which is also interesting as all those programs and software are available on the PC platform also with the exception of After Cut Pro, and in most cases RUN better on a PC for half the cost.

Here is a fun test for you that I have tried at my company:

Try running Flash CS5.5, Photoshop, After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro at the same time on a MAC while rendering 1080p clips and watch that $3000 17" MAC Book Pro crash. I know. I have tried it at my work as we use both PC's and MAC's.

My Sager $2100 Laptop that I bring in for work can run that setup flawlessly and without crashing while rendering a 1080p clip in After Effects AND Adobe Premiere at the same time.
The only MAC's I have seen capable of doing this without crashing or rendering those clips in less than 10 hours, are MAC PRO's running Two 2.66GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon processors...and that MAC will set you back for the basic model $4999...which is a JOKE as I can build a professional WORKSTATION PC running QUAD SLI GPU's with the same CPU setup for $1000 less.

Sorry, but MAC's are over-hyped systems. They are fantastric computers but they are also over-hyped and priced way too high...and they no longer are VIRUS or MALWARE FREE...

So whats Apple's excuse now for charging so much for mediocre hardware?

Kaneda3115d ago

I think M$ is paying you to post sh!t like this...

stop whining.. and do your own research..

VileAndVicious3115d ago (Edited 3115d ago )

Hi *Raises hand* At&T employee here (and avid Android user)

If a customer comes into my store and asks me what my honest opinion is of the iPhone 4s or the Nokia Lumina, I will more than likely recommend the 4s over windows 7.

Am I an uneducated "lackey"? No. I used the Nokia Lumina for about 2 weeks before it was even available to you its actually a pretty cool phone and Im somewhat of a Nokia fanboy. However, lets be honest here. The issue here is that this Nokia Lumina is the same as the Samsung Focus s, Titan, ect.

The hardware is really sexy sure. But the same fundamental flaws of windows phone are still present here which are mainly the ecosystem.

I can not tell you how often a customer will come into the store get the focus flash or Titan keep it for a few days then return it for an Android device or iPhone. They dont know why but they no they dont like it for whatever reason and its hard to explain but most people generally dont see a reason for windows phone 7. Thats why we constantly have windows reps in our store talking to customers and trying to convince them to switch from either their android or iphone.

Trust me guy, I hate apple I really do. But if I had to be honest about which product is CURRENTLY better between iOS or windows phone 7 it would be the iPhone.

Also just thought of something else:
for the record we dont get paid on the device you upgrade to, it doesnt matter if you get a $400 iPhone, $300 galaxy Note or its free we as the sales person get paid on it the same. So there is really no incentive for us to sell one over the other.
But there are people out there who just dont know what the hell their talking about.

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Epicor3116d ago

And the funny thing is (even though most people are yet to realize this): Windows phone 7 is actually pretty damn impressive OS and I would easily choose Lumia 900 over iPhone 4S. Too bad we don't have Lumia 900 in Europe yet. :(

Wintersun6163115d ago

Tools. Why are they even working there if they don't know the differences between iOS and WP7?

daghost11253115d ago

Most people that sell phone dont a thing about the phones they sell. Whenever I go look at phones Im constantly dumbfounded as they give me incorrect specs, features and capabilities of the phone there tryna sell me. The killing part is they get training of these devices before they are released.

Captain Qwark 93115d ago

this is very true, i did my research before making the plunge ( i chose windows 7 ) and after i did my research i went in and asked for their input as well. they knew next to nothing about the other phones, all they knew was apple becuase all of them had ihpones.

personally i went with the wp7 for the zune pass, ms office, the much sleeker ui imo, and how it integrates so many social feature into the os, things that iphones and androids need apps to do

Gondee3115d ago

Honestly, if you want the most mature phone, and are willing to spend $200 then the iPhone is probably the BEST phone for the casual user...

Kwertie3115d ago

Why would you buy either when the Galaxy S2 (or most other Android phones) are so good?