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Corruption is responsible for 80 percent of your cell phone bill This is actually pretty straightforward. You're being robbed; here's how. So let's call this a Quick Hits.

Per Matt Stoller writing at the Republic Report (my emphasis and paragraphing):
Last year, a new company called Lightsquared promised an innovative business model that would dramatically lower cell phone costs and improve the quality of service, threatening the incumbent phone operators like AT&T and Verizon. Lightsquared used a new technology involving satellites and spectrum, and was a textbook example of how markets can benefit the public through competition.

The phone industry swung into motion, not by offering better products and services, but by going to Washington to ensure that its new competitor could be killed by its political friends.

And sure enough, through three Congressmen that AT&T and Verizon had funded (Fred Upton (R-MI), Greg Walden (R-OR), and Cliff Stearns (R-FL)), Congress began demanding an investigation into this new company. Pretty soon, the Federal Communications Commission got into the game, revoking a critical waiver that had allowed it to proceed with its business plan.

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BeastOrange3320d ago

I am not surprised. In America we have a consume, consume, consume attitude, how would we ever realize that we are over paying for anything!

fatstarr3320d ago

what can you do.

our society is filled with ignorant apple bread sheep.

if a company controls them then it doesn't matter what the 10%( some people on this site and some people on the internet in the know) do they still have the blind support of the 90% (the masses) that's america for you...

anyway there's not much you can really do besides go to the other region of the pie graph and find something there...

BeastOrange3320d ago

seriuosly my t-mobile bill is $150.00 a month, more than a years worth of service in Finland. What the article didnt mention was the data, messaging, insurance for 600 dollar phones ect...

dboyman3320d ago

I think its especially true as well here in Canada, where cell rates are worse than the US...

NewVegasTroop3320d ago

in mexico is far worst, i think its the among the most expensive countries to have a cell phone and the worst in internet prices


willie323320d ago

Welcome to the United States where the rich determine the prices for the middle and lower classes.

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