Web Designers Take Note, a New Screen Resolution is Now The Most Popular writes: "One of the biggest issues that web designers face is how wide to make the readable area on a website, and how much white space to leave for advertising or aesthetic reasons. For years, the 1024×768 resolution has been the most popular resolution for consumers, which means the maximum absolute width a good web designer would use is 1024 pixels, but this resolution has now been usurped."

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fatstarr2381d ago

im surprised 1366×768 doesn't even seem standard to me.

gaffyh2381d ago

It's actually just widescreen version of 1024x768 really, and because people have started getting laptops more and more, that's probably where the change is coming from because many laptops, especially slightly older models, use 1366x768 rather than 1280x720

Speed-Racer2381d ago

1600x900 here on my laptop.

I think with the inclusion of the floaty share sidebars as well, 1366x768 seems like a more logical size or 1280x720. I still develop for 1024x768 resolutions though.

GamerSciz2381d ago

1440x900. 16:10 aspect ratio seems less uncommon. I like it though with my 2 19" monitors...

Gitaroo2381d ago

and where are those iBros that says 4:3 is best?

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