Intel Visual BIOS Features Explained: Search and Overclocking - PAX East 2012

Gamers Nexus: "Intel's motherboard engineering team wants to change your mind about their boards -- at PAX East this weekend, Senior Product Marketing Engineer Fred Birang told us: 'When most people think of Intel, they think of CPUs. We want the gamer mindshare to know that we don't just make a great reference motherboard, we have a board that is as good -- if not better -- than anything out on the market.'"

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Lelldorianx2435d ago

TL;DR: Really awesome. It's so purdy. The functionality is all there, the guidelines are there -- it's a great advancement for one of the most boring elements of any motherboard: BIOS.

Velox2435d ago

Hmmm... it's cool, but I see no point. Anyone that knows how to use bios doesn't need all the fancy stuff

Lelldorianx2434d ago

It's not just a UI, there's more functionality as well. I think there are optimized settings for k-series CPUs that way novice/intermediate overclockers can quickly determine what will and won't damage the CPU (in terms of operating frequency).