Twitter Aids In Saving A Carjacking Victim

New Rising Media writes "A man was saved from a carjacking in Johannesburg by his mobile phone and a tweet.

On Saturday evening, as he was driving through Honeydew in north-west Johannesburg, two armed men forced him into the boot of his car at gunpoint. At this point he sent a text to his girlfriend, who promptly took to Twitter to spread the word beyond contacting authorities, detailing the car and the time of hijack."

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armchaircritic002385d ago

The power of social media hey...

fatstarr2384d ago

the worlds a changing place. anyone can do anything now.

KingPin2384d ago

dumbass thieves, dont they know to steal the phone and wallet first. if they dumb enough not to do that they deserve to get caught.

hmmm johannesburg, when will GTA game be based in that city.