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TechSpce: iPanel: Apple's First Step to HDTV Dominance

TechSpce: It was only a matter of time until Apple expanded into the HDTV industry, an industry worth well over $100 billion and causing consumer frustration with complex products. Apple is known for taking complex products and packaging them into sleek, elegant, high-quality innovations that are very consumer-friendly.

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SITH2387d ago

I am suprised a gaming console has not been made. But then again the iPad series seems sufficient to apple.

Nodoze2383d ago

Sony just sh1t the bed....

Seriously they cannot hope to pitch/position their own 'high end' displays with their significant logo up charge for no reason. Their integration with google has been an utter failure and they are getting outplayed by Samsung at almost every turn.

How the giant has fallen. Apple took what Sony was doing and did it better (walkman, cell phones etc). They are now set to get outplayed in the display market as well. I sincerely hope that Sony has more up their sleeves than 10,000 layoffs.