Google Chrome Facing Fraudulent Certificate Issues

TechFlashed : Google Chrome the most Popular browser and the heart of millions around the internet while surfing Internet .This could be the beginning of what happened in March 2011 in which spoofed certificates were traced back to Iran.

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AgentWhite2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Critical issues not yet resolved . is any one facing a similar problem? or anyone got a solution for this. The most popular browser is under the radar of problems . I believe chrome team must be doing something to troubleshoot this issue .

Speed-Racer2388d ago

Nope, just you. Seems to work fine on my PC and on my friends'.

AgentWhite2388d ago

this has affected million's on the internet , one can see the google groups discussion forum .
I Don't know why this is happening .

Speed-Racer2388d ago

Could it be in a certain region? Or an outdated version of Chrome?

AgentWhite2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Its not in the certain region . And the issues is only in the latest version only .once you install previous version the problem is fixed for that session but it again pop up for the next session . Since all other browser's are working fine there must b some problem in ssl of chrome . chrome has undergone the same last year too . This can affect the popularity of chrome disastrically .

Soldierone2387d ago

Just a friendly tip from a fellow journalist. You might want to re-read your article one or two times and fix some things. Then again it is 2AM, it could just be me.

Blackdeath_6632387d ago

never really liked chrome. i was just alarmed that such a problem could exist on a high profile and secure browser like chrome. im starting to feel the internet is less safer to use now specialy after the law alowing the internet to be watched is gonna pass in the uk soon.