Megaupload: Erasing our servers as the US wants would deny us a fair trial

Arstechnica: On Friday, Megaupload asked the Virginia judge overseeing its criminal copyright case to spare the data on its servers from deletion. Megaupload had leased 1,103 servers holding 25 petabytes of data from Carpathia Hosting, but it was unable to continue paying its bills after the government froze its assets. Carpathia recently complained that maintaining the servers was costing thousands of dollars per day. The hosting company asked to either be compensated for the expenses of running the servers or be given permission to re-provision them for use by other customers.

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Soldierone2387d ago

This is absolutely stupid and the government should be ashamed of it. Even if Megaupload is guilty of everything, they are forcing their beliefs on the court and forcing megaupload to be guilty. They are basically saying there is absolutely no choice, and are doing everything they can to cover up and prevent any chance of an alternate story.

Can't have megaupload come out and prove that the government is just in it for the money from Hollywood.