Apple should dump the iPod Touch

CNET NEWS : As maligned as the iPod Touch is, it plays an important supporting role in Apple's trio of iOS devices. It bolsters Apple's mobile OS installation numbers, and it opens its App Store to an audience of people who aren't already seduced by their phone or tablet.

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bahabeast2391d ago

no they shouldnt, i know smart phones now can do everything a ipod can do and more but some people like the ipod touch as a dedicated mp3 player and good for over wifi sicial media, digital book etc. i think the ipod touch need to stay where its @

shammgod2391d ago

Well said. I have had an iPod since their first launch, along with a mini before it became the nano and now the touch. I use it for one thing, mp3 player. I use my iPhone for everything else, but when it comes to music I go with my iPod.

bwazy2390d ago

I'm sorry, but I find the purpose of owning both an iTouch and an iPhone to be excessively pointless when one does what the other does and more.

Strange_Evil2391d ago

I totally agree. Before I owned an iPhone, I used an iPod Touch for 3 years and it was my gateway to Apple's Eco-System. I didn't have the money then to buy an iPhone and the iPod makes perfect sense to students who want a piece of Apple and can't shell out big bucks. It's one of the products that Apple actually has priced decently.

Not to mention, the iPod Touch is a tremendous device with it's apps and music player. It has an elegant design as well.

Indigon2391d ago

Shame people still buy iPods when there are far better sounding MP3 players available.

adamant7152390d ago

Uh, no. What MP3 players have you been using?

LOL_WUT2390d ago

He was probably talking about the zune.

GrumpyVeteran2390d ago

Can you please provide some examples?

saf1007922390d ago

There really are far better sounding mp3 players out. But they often don't have half the features a touch has. Go to head-fi they have a ton of reviews.

Raf1k12391d ago

I have an iPod touch since I'm not keen on the iPhone and it's much cheaper. Probably the only Apple product that's priced appropriately. I use it for all the apps I can't get on Android and use my Android phone for everything else. This way I have the best of both worlds without paying far too much for my tech.

dboyman2390d ago

The Ipad and Iphone are both too expensive form a lot of people to get (especially if cannot or wont get contract option). So Ipod touch is cheaper alternative, especially for many in current economic conditions...

Tsalagi2390d ago

I like my iPod touch. I can take it with me when i fly to other countries and have access to all my games, email, files, etc without having to worry about my phone roaming charges if i took it instead.

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