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Interactive plants react and convey emotions

DigInfo TV - A research group at Keio University are creating interactive plants, enabling them to display emotions and communicate with people.

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Ingram2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

This has to be the most RETARDED application of electronics on a living thing, is like creating a backpack for dogs that forces them to smile whenever you pet them.Was anything wrong with plants in the first place?

What's next? oh, I know, weights for birds, so they can't fly, just walk, like us! isn't that amazing?

Instead of learning empathy and accepting what millions of years of evolutive refinement concluded about plants, we're just putting glitter on everything and perverting living beings unable to move for themselves, they were never meant to.

I can't believe this is getting any kind of funds, I can't even fathom this is regarded as "scientific" in the very least.

I would like to meet the creator of this absurd idea and tie him to a set of strings that make him contort like an upside down dying cockroach, this is all kinds of wrong and then some.

Imagine some aliens come to earth and create a machine that pops our eyes out every time we say the letter "A", just so they feel a tiny bit more empathic towards us.

This is a**...

aDDicteD2382d ago

i disagree on the above comment cause it might be useful someday , imagine if you have a big plant that is guarding your house lol ^_^
like in the harry potter which can alarm you if there is an intruder and smash those bad guys...^_^

well.. for those people who love plants they'll love this one, a plant showing emotions in your desk or on your working table.. it's not that bad