Why Windows 8 tablets will be better than the New iPad

GizmoWatch - Beyond our occasional propensity to be Apple fanatics, let us be honest here as the new iPad is certainly the best tablet currently out there in the market. In fact, it is a device that has exceeded its company's exalted nature by the sheer amount of applied technologies, especially in its display. However, it was Microsoft that had started pushing for tablets long before Apple spoiled their party. And, now in the present state beyond any comparable OS, it is the year of their celebrated Windows 8. So, does Microsoft have what it takes to impress the 'newcomers' or would Apple still sustain its deftly fueled onslaught in the tablet market, no matter what early glitches it has? Let us go through some credible points to find out more.

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PaPa-Slam2389d ago

So damn excited about the Windows 8 Tablet, i am king of Burned out by iPads.

Captain Qwark 92389d ago

i prefer windows 7 phones significantly over the iphone since so many features are built into the os as opposed to relying on outside apps and im sure windows 8 will be even better. windows 8 will likely be the first tablet i pick up.

mcstorm2388d ago

I agree with you. I have tried every mobile os on the market and found wp7 fits my needs more than wimo android and iphone yes there are not as many apps as on the amdroid or iphone but with 80 thousand now up there it has more or less every app i need on my phone. I also find it is the most stable os on the market too plus add xbox live office zune pass to that list what more could i want.

I have also been using windows 8 public preview since it came out on my work laptop which is a none touch screen and i have to say it is by far the best ui i have uesed on any laptop and i can see it working very well on a tablet. I have a xoom at the moment and in my eyes its the best tablet on the market because of what it offers over the ipad and other android tablets but i still need my laptop to brows some websites edit documents access my home and work network, print and scan photos download music and videos ect so for me a windows 8 tablet is a no brainer when it comes out im going to sell my xoom and pickup a windows 8 tablet as a tablet dose really need a full os but one that has a ui for touch.

_LarZen_2389d ago

Hehe, no way. Apple wil be the king of tables for many more years. Windows 8 is just for OS nerds, the rest dont care and the developers that actualy make stuff wil support iPad more then ever before.

Windows 8 tablets better then iPad...HEHEHEHE! Not gonna happen, like EVER.

givemeshelter2388d ago

One thing Win tablets will have over the ipad is the fact that ANY Win tablet running X86 mobile chipsets or otherwise will be full compatible with Windows 8 desktop software.
So you will be able to run ACTUAL programs and not just APPS as they are now on the ipad and android tablets.

The_Nameless_One2389d ago

Sure. Not going to argue this point but don't be to surprised if this will go down the same road everything MS tries to put on the mobile market. Fact of the matter is that Microsoft just don't understand the mobile market. Not their fault, they are not a company that deals directly with consumers. Never have, never will. Microsoft just missed the mobile train long ago and frankly there's no going back. They are 5 years late to this party.

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