Next Xbox Rumored to get Two GPUs, Hexacore CPU

VG 24/7: Besides a launch time frame of late 2013, the latest wave of posts discussing the features of the console include a dual-GPU setup, similar to two AMD 7000-series graphics processors. However, the graphics units will be integrated as independent processors that can process separate tasks at the same time.

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SKUD2441d ago (Edited 2441d ago )


C_Menz2441d ago

I doubt any next gen console will go that far. A single mid range gpu currently on the market, or a low end gpu about to be released is enough. Consoles don't need tons of cores for the cpu since they aren't multitasking as much as a PC, so 4 is sufficient.

The main problem is that they usually skimp on the RAM. RAM is dirt cheap so anything under 4gb is downright dumb. The PS3/360 suffer from RAM limitations now, so why not give us 4gb or 8gb preferably?

aDDicteD2432d ago

hmm.. two GPU's on the this next console is interesting, one thing i dont like about this next gen consoles is their anti- used games