Facebook does it again...

Techspce: For the third time in just under 6 months Facebook has failed iPad users across the world for omitting support for a pretty basic feature.

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Speed-Racer2391d ago

Oops they did it again, they played with my app, got lost in the game, oh baby baby...

SilentNegotiator2390d ago

The mobile app version of a site being behind? OMG!!!

CptFlashHeart2390d ago

Give a shit, FB has always been woeful as an App since day one, regardless of format, iOS, Android, Symbian, whatever.. Terrible. Billions of dollars and not one programmer who can display what is basically their mobile site wrapped.

caseh2390d ago

Christ, just use it via a web browser. The app is limited and crap regardless of the OS its running on.

Speed-Racer2390d ago

Yea, honestly the in house apps suck more than the web app. Even on Android (which has timeline support), it takes ages to reload, does not refresh properly, is laggy as hell. They say it's supposed to be faster and save bandwidth, but I think otherwise.

jeeves862390d ago

Save bandwidth - never loads
Faster - when it does load, doesn't load half the stuff you want, ergo is faster.

But yeah, it sucks. I only use it for notifications.