HTC Rezound Going for $50 Via Amazon & Verizon

[DroidsmartsDOTcom] Although new phones like the Droid incredible 4G are coming into stores soon, if your on a budget and still want that bang for you buck there's no reason not to hop on a deal like this. The HTC Rezound is available for $50 at both Amazon Wireless & Verizon with a two year contract. This phone may have a low price but that dose not mean it has low quality specs, its jam packed with a dual-core processor and 720p HD display. One other plus in getting the HTC Rezound is that its expected to get the Android 4.0.3 update later this week which is suppose to boost battery life and improve UI "Sense 3.6". To top it all off the phone comes with a free $100 pair of Beats "tour" headphones, so your really saving $50 from this purchase

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