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3D Transparent memory chips coming soon

What's Hawt: New memory chips that are transparent, flexible enough to be folded like a sheet of paper, shrug off 1,000-degree Fahrenheit temperatures — twice as hot as the max in a kitchen oven — and survive other hostile conditions could usher in the development of next-generation flash-competitive memory for tomorrow’s keychain drives, cell phones and computers.

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SilentNegotiator2393d ago

I've seen enough "revolutions" to reserve my excitement for when the thing is actually being used and is actually cheaper, better, and holds more. Until then, I'll take the things said for what they are....someone trying to sell me something.

Blackdeath_6632393d ago

as always with new thecnological advancement come practical issues that need solving eventually e.g priceing, mass production and distrubution. sometimes someone can invent something but its only until later that it becomes usefull beacuse these smaller issues have been solved. i remember when a video camera with digital storage of 1gb used to cost over 400 pounds but now people just over look it.

Zerg2394d ago

"twice as hot as the max in a kitchen oven"

Wow didn't know sandwich making was so intense!

tarbis2393d ago

Interesting tech. Wonder if they're gonna make a processor version of it.

slavish2393d ago

just make it water proof too!

sikbeta2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Awesome stuff, I want some Minority Report style s*** now! :D

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