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PocketNow - Apple iPad 2012 Review

PocketNow - The new iPad, albeit a bit predicable in terms of its changes over the iPad 2, is the best tablet on the market right now. Android tablets are broken: the app selection is abysmal and anything with Honeycomb is super laggy and frustrating to use; we're in a bit of a lull of innovation as Android OEMs prepare their flagship tablets for 2012. If you're looking for a tablet and aren't in a rush, we recommend you wait a few months to see what comes from Samsung, Asus, HTC, and the other players. It's possible we might see new iPad-beating specs.

But if you want a tablet that has hundreds of thousands of tablet-optimized apps, great battery life, and a display that makes content consumption as natural as reading as a magazine, the new iPad cannot be beat.

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