UFO Waterproof Remote found floating in the company of the rich and famous

Engadget - Dreams are nice. Yachts are better. So while you cling to far-flung notions that you'll ever truly know what 'money to burn' means, the Barry Dillers of our world are crisscrossing international waters, drenching models with diamonds and dropping their universal controllers in the hot tub with abandon. Rescuing these rapscallion, modern-day robber barons from the pitfalls of excess is Crestron, with its UFO Waterproof Remote made specifically for H2O hanky panky. The disc-shaped unit, which admittedly looks more like a pool toy than high-end control hub, comes encased in a rubberized shell and features a 2.8-inch display, giving Greek shipping heirs and their ilk instant access to lighting, security systems, A/V equipment and thermostats from the comforts of their sun deck jacuzzi.

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