School punishes Filipino boys for Facebook kissing

Yahoo : A Philippine Catholic school is withholding the diplomas of six high school boys who uploaded Facebook photos that appear to show them kissing one another, an education official said Friday.
A day earlier, a Philippine cour

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SilentNegotiator2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

WWJD? No, I'm serious. Would he have withheld diplomas from people for sinning (as is the view of the church on homosexuality)? Nope. He would have brought them to lunch and made them a fish dinner with one fish, and bestowed upon them his wisdom.

Jesus, man. Jesus. Remember the J-man. He didn't repel sinners; he drew them closer.

"Keep your disciples close, but your sinners closer"
-Verse something, something. Ok, not really.

tarbis2608d ago

Jesus never condemned anyone when He was on earth. Instead He was here to serve. He saved a prostitute from being stoned when the law required it.

AgentWhite2608d ago

Very well said . How true ! :-). Love the people and hate their sins .

BubloZX2609d ago

Catholics are hippos lol.