SlashGear - Sony Vaio S series 13.3-inch 2012 refresh Review

SlashGear - The next generation of Vaio S-series laptops from Sony has arrived and we’re taking a look the the most basic model here today – the 13.3-inch with Intel Core i5 processor inside, matte black. This ultraportable laptop comes with the standard f-series keyboard, a switch which allows you to switch between Discreet graphics and AMD, the ability to keep working as long as possible with the former option or to be ultra productive with apps such as Photoshop with the latter.

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bahabeast2396d ago

realli nice but also kinda expensive for 13 inch

chadwarden2396d ago

13 in macbook pros START at $1199. What would you call that?

snoop_dizzle2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Keep in mind this is an ultrabook so the price isn't that crazy. In fact seems pretty low in price. Still, I'd probably hold off for an Ivy Bridge ultraportable being they are around the corner. I would also like to see the resolution higher than 1366 x 768. A lot of ultraportables seem to stick to that resolution (not to mention many 15" laptops) basically leaving you with only a few options like an Asus Zenbook (which I believe is 1600x900) or an MBA (1440x900 on the 13") with a higher resolution screen.

To its credit though, the battery life doesn't seem that bad.