Student expelled for tweeting F-Word

What's Hawt: A Senior at Garrett High School has been expelled after tweeting the F-word to his personal Twitter account via a school computer.

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Zerg2400d ago

I would have burnt that school to the ground cause of that. Damn idiots!

Speed-Racer2400d ago

:| Now that doesn't help, now does it?

SilentNegotiator2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

"...via a school computer"

Well, he did kinda use the school's computer to broadcast it. I'm nothing but defense when a student is punished for typing something in social media OUT OF SCHOOL, but to use unfitting language on a school computer is sort of different.

**BUT** expulsion is totally over the top. Detention or something, man.

Dasteru2400d ago

Did you read the article? He did NOT post it from the schools computers. A backtrack was done on the post showing that it was made at 2:30am. The school was lying about it to damage control their unjust expulsion of the student.

SilentNegotiator2400d ago

To answer your question.....obviously not. lol. That's what I get for making assumptions. I've just seen so many stories like this lately, I figured the important varying info would be in the description.

But anyway, I'm against schools probing social media.

MidnytRain2400d ago

At my school, too many tardies can result in suspension. Let the irony of that sink in for a moment...

Speed-Racer2400d ago

@dasteru - In the next line, they say it was sent with a school issued laptop that routes through the school's IP, so that's what they are basing it on.

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RonyDean2400d ago

Just expelled?!?! He should be beat and locked away forever!

plumber152400d ago

I never understood the suspension theory in the school system. So a kid dose something wrong and you let him stay at home for ex amount of time how is that punishment, he probably did something wrong so he can be at home in the fist place .

AgentWhite2400d ago

Those words to be logical . But this punishment seems to be illogical .

Baka-akaB2400d ago

Not really , depends on the parents mind you . Back in the days , i'm not sure i'd prefer being locked up in the house , while being nagged and yelled at by the folks PLUS additional punitions .

Now if it's such a laid back surrounding that you're in a real vacation and free to roam , well , it's a treat obviously

Captain Qwark 92400d ago

well if this was the fifties with stay home parents then id be inclined to agree however its not and more often than not, both parents work these days so expulsion is more often than not, a vacation.

now as far as this goes, yes he used a school computer so i cans see why the school is upset, however the punishment does not fit the crime. kids get in a physical fight and are suspended for a few days even though they committed a violent crime against one another. a kid uses an inappropriate word, one that only a couple hundred friends at most will see and is likely used on a regular basis anyway amongst the kids, and he is expelled??? wtf???

Soldierone2400d ago

Yeah I've known several people back in high school that literally went on vacation when they got suspended.

"How was your suspension?"
"Oh I was in Cali on the beach the whole time, it was fun"
"Oh what did you do, I want that!"

illidari2400d ago

Bull crap

He used the word NOT in a derogatory way. He simply STATED the word.

The FCC did NOT fine Bono from U2 for using the f word on live television because the word was NOT in a derogatory way. The school has no right to punish a student for using the word and ESPECIALLY NOT when it was just used as a word.

He needs to sue.

Ripco_Keller2400d ago

Watch your mouth! Free is a four letter word, especially at school.

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