Former Apple TV Engineer: ‘Those New Apple TV Designs Were Tossed Out 5 Years Ago’

Macgasm: An interesting tweet by Michael Margolis, a former Apple TV engineer at Apple Inc., popped up in our Twitter feed this evening, and we thought it was worth passing on. According to Margolis, the new Apple TV UI was not only on the table at Apple years ago, but Steve Jobs alledgedly shot it down because he didn’t like it at the time.

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fatstarr2400d ago

seems like we have no ideas left lol to the trash bins!

mcstorm2399d ago

I agree. I think Apple are starting to come to the end of there high like MS did with Vista but MS and Google are going to over take apple and unlike MS Apple do not have business to keep them going as the Apple PC market is not big enough. I know Apple have a lot of money at the moment but unless Apple bring something new two the table I see them falling by the way side over the next 10 years.

LightofDarkness2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

Uh... phones? The iPhone and its popularity are not going anywhere any time soon. That market alone will keep them alive for many years to come, not to mention their tablets. They may fade out of the PC market, but EVERYONE is going to slowly fade out of the PC market in favour of tablets and phones.

The market will be there, but it will be for enterprise/business and enthusiast use for the most part. The mainstream will tend towards media consumption devices like smartphones and tablets (as they are now), and guess who dominates those fields?

I'm not saying they're absolutely the best, but they're definitely the most popular right now and will continue to be well into this decade.

mcstorm2399d ago

This is where I disagree with you regarding Ipads and Iphones. Yes they have a big share of the market at the moment but the I devices biggest problem is they are limited because they are a mobile OS so people still need Laptops/Desktops to carry out there full tasks/jobs/games.

The only tablets that can stop the sales of the pc/laptops are windows tablets and they will not do this. Tablets will take out the Netbook market.

Tablets are used for a quick pickup and glance the web or play a game rather than used in long stints like a pc/laptop would be used as the screens are too small for this and not having a keyboard with them makes it not as easy to use for documents photo editing ect. Also you cant connect the I devices to printer and network devices without apps and they only support a small number of devices too.

I do agree with you that tablets are the next big thing but I see Windows Tablets being the big hitter when they are out later on this year as people will upgrade there laptop/pc to them rather then an Ipad or Android tablet because it offers more than them both and works with things like Office, Games x32 x64 programs ect as well as being able to plug in USB Keyboards Mouse, Storage, Printers, CD burners ect.

I am not saying Over night Apple with go bust as they wont but looking at what MS and Google are doing now they will over take Apple in the Tablet and Phone market within the next 10 years and there market will get smaller than it is now because of the way everything is limited. Yes Android and Windows were too messy and complex for the none IT people but if you look at WP7 and Windows 8 as well as the new Android ICS it is a lot more simple and a lot less limited than the Apple devises.

kevnb2399d ago

ya I agree about ios devices, they are extremely popular now but who knows what will happen in 5 years.

sikbeta2399d ago (Edited 2399d ago )

This is Apple as it finnest, same s***, different year, nothing new to see here XP


You know, back in the day, what really helped Apple was the hipsters that were against the MS (like BF grows because the hate on COD), in this day and age, the new generation of hipsters see Apple as the new "MS" and they start supporting other brands, don't be shocked if, in 5 years (ok, maybe 10) Samsung totally owns the market and the cycle repeats itself lol

Noctis Aftermath2399d ago

Apple will indeed be around for many years, but i believe that their stock price will crash within the next decade and take some of the air out of them.

Hopefully then we'll see a more competitive Apple that doesn't mark it's products up so high.

mcstorm2399d ago

@sikbeta I agree with you here. Nokia and SE were the big names in the mobile phone industry until the 1st easy to use smart phone came along (Iphone) and they both lost there way. Samsung are now starting to become the big name out there and I think with Nokia taking up WP they will also get a big chunk of the Iphone market too as there Lumia phones look different to ones on the market.

I was a big MS fan in the Windows XP days but when they gave us Windows Vista office 2007 ect they started to lose there way and only looked at the business side where since Windows 7 MS products have been very good server 2008 R2 and 2011 SBS is very good too. Exchange 2010 is also very good. Live has also got better along with the 360/Kinect. Add all that to WP7 and Windows 8 I think MS have stepped up there game in the software and UI departemt.

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