Facebook softens its stand on bosses violating applicant privacy

La Times: It seemed Friday morning as if Facebook came out with guns blazing, aiming for employers who required applicants or employees to surrender their log-in information. Now there's a softening of that position, a clarification.

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fatstarr2450d ago

WTF is this. I would never surrender my pw or log in to anything that I use. thats not right Let me be the one.

Speed-Racer2449d ago

Yep, I would walk out of that job interview if they asked me to snoop around my account.

Lord_Sloth2449d ago

I'd black mail his ass. I'd say that his company does not respect my privacy and I would go straight to the news. After all, he was the ass hat who wanted in. Wanna learn about monsters? I shall teach you for free! No, that's not right...It would be quite costly. XXXD