Dead Daughter's Voicemails Erased by Phone Company

ABC News : "Every time I had a bad day or just wanted to listen to her I'd go through my old voicemails," Butler told through tears. "I had one that I'd play over and over again. She'd be saying 'Daddy, I love you and I miss you.'"

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deep_fried_bum_cake3373d ago

I feel bad for this guy, that must be horrible.

AgentWhite3373d ago

Indeed very bad , memories is what he was having .

Sucitta3373d ago

this would be a very interesting case being that they would have record of it somewhere. phone companies record EVERYTHING now a days

AgentWhite3373d ago

I don't think so they record everything . Its illegal to record everything unless some special case .

sikbeta3372d ago

Pretty sure in the TOS says any conversation can be recorded IF needed, it's a catch22: how they'd know what conversation must be recorded in first place without checking all conversations? :P

3372d ago
CynicalVision3372d ago (Edited 3372d ago )

They've probably done him a favour, there is no courage in constantly living in the past. He needs to wake up and move on, it's not like his memory of her was deleted.

SilentNegotiator3372d ago

Say that if you ever have a daughter and she passes. If you had a message from her that says "I love and miss you"....that would be an absolute treasure.

Vames3372d ago

I agree. He might not know it yet, but T-Mobile did him a kindness. Not healthy to be doing what he was doing.

I understand that he loves her and all, but actions like these could have turned out bad for him in the way of severe depression.

xtreampro3372d ago

It's good to forget bad memories and it's also healthy. Humans naturally forget the bad and want to cherish the good. By constantly playing her voice mails he's constantly reviving the bad which is his daughters death which could inevitably lead him to depression and in a worst case scenario suicide.

T-Mobile have indeed done him a favour and he will only realise later on as Vames said.

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