Anonymous revives LulzSec for new campaign of hacks and attacks

Peter Bright of Ars Technica writes: "With the arrest of its members and the revelation that its leader was an FBI informant, one might have thought that LulzSec would fade into history. Apparently not. A YouTube video posted at the weekend has announced that LulzSec will return. On April 1st the group will be back, and attack corporations and governments, promising "epic operations and pranks."

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fatstarr2994d ago

Bravo Im all for the ride.
the world is changing the internet is becoming an asset assets tend to get absorbed by governed they then get manipulated, controlled and monetized.

cheers to lulzsecs return hope its all true lol but april 1st lol

mcgrottys2994d ago

after the issues with PSN and many other services I don't think being tied to the name lulzsec would be a good way to garner support... And also it seemed as though many other hacker groups despised lulzsec including Team Poison, The Joker and many others...