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Microsoft banning Mac, iPad purchases by its sales and marketing group

ZDnet : An alleged internal Microsoft e-mail claims the company’s marketing and sales organization is about to halt Mac and iPad purchases made with company funds. Smart or pointless?

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Gondee2405d ago

Its a herp Durp, why would you allow you company money, which was generated off selling your product, be transferred to your competitor? Im sure it nullifies several sells, and give one to them. Buy them with your salary

fatstarr2404d ago

gotta remember a lot of people buy macs and macbooks and end up putting windows on it.

fatstarr2404d ago

Super smart that's like a McDonalds employee buying burger king or Wendy for lunch with corporate money to do taste testing.

Im tired of companies hiring anybodies. like gamestop when they hire people that hate video games.