New iPad jailbroken on day one

zdnet: Just hours after the new Apple iPad (I’ll be referring to it as “the new iPad” throughout this article, not iPad 3) was released, it was jailbroken in three (how appropriate!) separate ways. This means that hackers have already found and exploited security holes to run custom code on the new iPad with iOS 5.1.

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Strange_Evil2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

Apple forgot to patch the security hole in iOS 5.0.1 (by which the same guys jailbroke the iPhone 4S)... So fail on their part. The jb on the iPad 3 will use the same exploit. The jailbreakers have now started taking in consumer crash reports which helps in finding the exploit faster. In fact I heard somewhere that they found 3 different exploits which are usable, so at least the next 2 iOS updates will probably be jailbreakable...