Google exec hints of Android 5.0 release this fall

Computerworld - Google isn't offering much information about the forthcoming Android 5.0, even though there are rumors saying that the new version of the operating system will be available on a smartphone by early summer.

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Speed-Racer2407d ago

:( I really need a new phone. Still stuck with 2.3.6

BeastOrange2407d ago

I am waiting on my s2 to get to me from the mail lol. I was thinking of immediately rooting it to have Ice Cream, but I do like Jelly Beans too lol

adorie2407d ago

While I enjoy android much, Android fragmentation is horrid. I have had the Amaze for awhile and HTC has yet to cough up a damned update for it (Android 4) I believe there are people running an Android 4 rom on theirs already. Why does it take HTC so long to come out with this stuff, when 1 person who does it on his own free time, has made strides?

Screw Jellybean, Where's Icecream Sandwich?

fatstarr2406d ago

cheers to this being real and SIII being the stock / flagship for 5.0.

seems like 4.0 wont be used by many.

adorie2406d ago

meh. they should just screw ICS and move on to jellybean then. I may just get a SIII myself. Samsung is enticing these days, so is Motorola. Moto has some sexy phones lately.

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