Nokia Windows 8 Tablet: A Threat to New iPad?

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Recently, Nokia staged a comeback in the high-end smartphone market with its Windows-based Lumia phone lineup. Now, it is rumored that the Finnish cell phone giant will be first to bring out a Windows 8 tablet that may pose a threat to the new iPad.

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cyberbob2408d ago

Will decide that when that window 8 tablet get launched.As ipad is already in market and their is no date of nokia tablet release.So how we can call this that

"Nokia Windows 8 Tablet: A Threat to New iPad?"

Revvin2407d ago

Having tried Windows 8 on my laptop I'll avoid it like the plague. It has a UI that looks like it was designed by pre-school kids and it has a mountain to climb to make even a dent in the kind of app support Android and iOS has.

mcstorm2407d ago

I have to disagree with you on this one. I have been using Windows 8 on my none touch screen work laptop since it was released and i have yet to find any problems with any of the software and hard ware i use and the new ui works really well on a none touchscreen. When i started off using windows 8 i was like wtf is going on here but after 2 days of using it i really like it. It works very well and microsoft have made it work well on a none touch screen device.

As for they have alot to do to catchup with the apple market place you are wrong as the windows phone 7 market place is being ported into the windows 8 market place so there will be around 100 thousand apps in the market place when windows 8 is launched plus 99% of the windows xp and 7 software packages to pick from and most of all the os is a full pc os not a mobile version like android and ios which means every web site will worl with it as well as full software programs and hardware like wireless printer usb pens network drives ect without extra apps needed.

Add all this plus a nokia designed tablet it will be a big threat to both the ipad and android.

I have a xoom and really like it imo its the best all round tablet on the market and my other half has the galaxy 10.1 which has one of the best screens and the thinnest tablet on the market but once windows 8 comes out we are both looking to ditch our android tablets for Windows 8 tablets as it offers everything our desktop and laptops will in a tablet format with a tablet ui and to me its a no brainer why buy a ipad or android tablet when a windows 8 tablet offers more and they will probably also be cheaper too.

mcgrottys2407d ago

yeah it took me a day or two as well but i got used to it. In terms of productivity it seems to be just as good as windows 7 imo. Though everyone uses a computer a different way.

mcstorm2406d ago

@mcgrottys What I have found is that people who have not used windows 8 and just seen videos or pictures of the OS are the ones who say thay don't like it. I have yet come across anyone who has used it and said they don't like it. They have all said the same thing it is different to use than any other windows or OS for that matter but once you find out where everything is its just as easy as any other OS out there.

For me Windows 8 is the way to go on all platforms (Tablets, Ultrabook, Laptop, Notebook and PC) because it is a full OS and is unlimited unlike an Ipad or Android tablet. 99% of the devices you have on your home pc/laptop will work with a windows 8 device where it is not with an Android and IOS device.

Yes Windows is not for everyone but more people use a Windows device than any other device out there any I think it will carry on that way once windows 8 is on all the platforms I have said above.

Revvin2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

But we've heard this all before. Steve Ballmer dismissed the iPhone and yet here they are releasing just one handset a year and taking a good chunk or the smartphone market. Microsoft had a huge head start years ago which they squandered when we were all using PDA's etc with Windows CE since then we've had numerous iterations of Pocket PC and Windows Mobile then Windows Phone. In the meantime Apple and Google have each developed a single OS that they have not needed to re-invent or recycle. Since Bill Gates left Microsoft seem rudderless under the inept leadership of Steve Ballmer. So here we are in 2012 with Microsoft trying to reboot their mobile aspirations like a tech version of groundhog day. Of course Microsoft fans will tell you how it's all going to be different this time, aided and abetted by the 'kool kids' who think its cool to slate Apple just because it's a successful company that makes good products.

mcstorm2406d ago

@Revvin but Wimo was not a flop and it was put out at the business side of mobiles not the personal side of mobiles which is what the Iphone was used for at the start. Also Android is the new Wimo as if you used one you will see a lot of things are the same on them both.

I agree with you that MS lost there way but it was not when Bill left it was during Windows Vista and Office 2007 that MS started to lose its grip on the markets. This was because windows Vista was shows to be the best OS ever made and would change the way we use computer when in fact it was broken and had to be patched to hell and only started to work right once windows 7 came out. Office 2007 was not finished and MS came out and said this after they started to sell Office 2010.

But if you look at what MS are doing now in the 360, Kinect, Windows Phone 7, Windows 7/8 Server 2008/11/8 exchange 2010/8 office 2010/8 SharePoint 2010, Lync, MSN/Skype even its own AV software they are all quality bit of software which is back to the day of the Old MS. Yes Apple changed the smart phone look but this was not by something that was out of this world it was because it was simple. You press an icon it opens and app. You press the home button it colsoes the app you press another icon it opens a different app and because of this people moved from normal phones to Smart phones. MS with Windows Phone 7 have now looked at the simple side and said right lets make our phones even more simple and not like the rest on the market as the Iphone works in the same way wimo did and just like android dose but in a simple way without being able to change much wimo and android let you change everything but has a fragmented market. Windows Phone 7 is not fragmented and every phone works the same way and is limited in terms of how the UI looks but it is not an app launcher it has more info in the hubs than the apps and also live tiles which no other phone has. It also brought things like a camera button that has to be on every phone and when it is pressed in it opens the camera to take a pic so you never miss anything. It is linked to skydrive out of the box at no extra charge and now the Iphone has just added there own version of this.

I am not a MS Apple or Google fan boy I use what devices I like to use and I have had a wimo, Android, Iphone and a windows phone 7 and for me WP7 works the best and by far the most stable OS out of them all too. Out of the box it offers more than the other 3 with xbox live zune pass, office, Facebook twitter, skydrive and more.

I know it is not for everyone but to say MS have lost it is not true they were losing it but now have the software and hardware partners to start taking on Apple and Google in phone, tablet and pc market and with MS android and IOS all having a single UI between them it will help people move from one device to another without having to be stuck on how to carry out the same tasks.

The one thing MS have not got which apple do is the cool look but MS are not really a hardware designer where Apple are but with Nokia and Samsung on board with MS for there tablets and phones they will have the designs they will need to have a cool look like apple do and by 2015 MS will have a big chunk of the Mobile market I don't think they will lead it I think it will be android that dose this but seeing what MS and Nokia are doing they are looking at the right markets at the moment and they will be taking on Apple for 2nd place.

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KMCROC542407d ago

Want one ,hate everything Apple. hurry up already Nokia.

KMCROC542407d ago

best part am American hating on a POS american company, Now that's irony .(thank you for the DA)

thebudgetgamer2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Nope, end story. Athough competition is always good for the consumer.

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