NVIDIA Kepler GeForce GTX 680 Gets Benchmarked – Blows away the HD 7970

WCCFtech: A user on HKEPC has posted the first real benchmarks of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 GPU which features the Kepler GK104 28nm chip. The user backed his benchmark with a shot of the GTX 680 running on a LN2 cooled rig.

The benchmarks pit the GeForce GTX 680 against the Radeon HD 7970 and GeForce GTX 580 – Both GPU’s are NVIDIA/AMD’s current flagship cards. The clocks of GeForce GTX 680 are maintained at a 1006Mhz Core and 6008Mhz Memory clock.

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ChrisW2458d ago

My mouth was watering... Until I opened my wallet and moths flew out.

SnakeCQC2458d ago

loool thats why i went amd with the 6850 and i was pleasantly surprised but i'm craving 3d and can't find anywhere to try before i buy :( the only thing that bothers me about the new nvidia cards is the lack of vram amd is giving 3 gig and because of something special they're doing if you go crossfire you actually do get 6 gig of vram which is insane

SnakeCQC2458d ago

ps this is an old story that was shown on n4g yesterday?

SnakeCQC2458d ago

/news/962541/nvidia-kepler-gef orce-gtx-680-gets-benchmarked-b lows-away-the-hd-7970/com#c-637 6159

Elvis2458d ago

This is amazing, Nvidia's GK104 midrange card beats AMD's highend.

Well done Nvidia.

Bobby Kotex2454d ago

More interested in the mid level cards from this series.