Russell Brand Arrested For Paying “Tribute” To The Late Steve Jobs

NRM writes "Comedian, actor and self-confessed playboy Russell Brand was arrested yesterday by police in New Orleans on a charge of criminal damage to property valued at $700 (£450). The property in question? A paparazzi photographer’s iPhone, which bore the brunt of Brand’s apparently unprovoked attack after the actor took it upon himself to ‘grab’ the phone from the man and proceeded to throw it through the nearby window of a law firm as “a tribute” to the late Steve Jobs, ex Apple boss..."

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cyberbob2460d ago

hmmmmm seems like soon this guys going to get lots of tweeter follower

C_Menz2460d ago

Funny how he is now being charged for a felony. Hope he goes to jail even though he probably won't since he is a celebrity.

SquishyGorilla2460d ago

True. Separate of the fact I find Russell Brand to be a rather annoying comedian (don't find him funny whatsoever), this is just a really needy grab for attention.

C_Menz2460d ago

Yea, he was riding Katy Perry's coat tails for a while and now he doesn't really have anything fame wise..

kaveti66162459d ago

Russell Brand is an unbearable man, but the notion that he wasn't provoked is ridiculous. Paparazzi are far worse than Brand. And it's obvious that they didn't just "happen" to be at the same place at the same time.

Lord_Sloth2459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

lol Paparazzi...So stupid.

Speed-Racer2459d ago

Not even sure who to feel sorry for here though, because the paparazzi can be a bunch of douchebags when they're ready.

Norad62459d ago

not to mention the lawyers deserve that broken window too. F'n vultures. LOL

2459d ago
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