Worldwide Lawsuit Against The US Government

Noble Press: An online viral marketing campaign, created by David Seaman, has been set to raise money worldwide in order to sue the US government for passing this years National Defense Authority Act. Read on for the full story.

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killershadow1172412d ago

To bad it's all for nothing. If I remember correctly, from my high school government class, the federal government can't be sued unless it wants to.

RememberThe3572411d ago

Generally you can't sue the US Government under the doctrine of sovereign immunity. But you can challenge the legality of a law if you are being directly harmed by the law.

I think the issue here is the "indefinite detention" part of the NDAA. This can in fact be challenged and will probably be overturned in the years it takes to go through our court system. It's fundamentally opposed to the bill of rights, so I don't see how it could stand in court.

SITH2411d ago

This same bill has been on the books since the late 70's. The only difference is it specifies federal property by name, and government employees by title. That is literally it!

C_Menz2411d ago

You are right, but back in the 70's the general public didn't see everyone for everything!

fatstarr2408d ago

the only way to sue the government is to target the top 500 families and companies that run it.