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RAIDMAX Puts Out Gundam-Themed 'Agusta' Case

Gamers Nexus: "Gaming cases tend to follow iterative trends for each year: This year, that trend seems to be preferential toward bulky, boxy, edgy (literally), chiseled, fear-instilling exteriors. RAIDMAX took note of this, evidently, as their newest upper-range chassis takes the form of a Gundam mech on its exterior (perhaps a good case for a Hawken build?)."

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parasit32410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

For the most part, this is a sexy chassis. I want the Gundam design to be on the top front as a swing panel, kind of like the NZXT Phantoms. I don't like the drive bays to be displayed these days, especially if they are in use.