Copyright wars heat up: US wins extradition of college kid from England

Ars: A 23-year old student from Sheffield Hallam University in the north of England is bound for America. That wouldn't be unusual—except that Richard O'Dwyer won't go voluntarily. The UK Home Secretary has today agreed to extradite O'Dwyer over US copyright infringement charges for running a "linking site" called TVShack.

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SnakeCQC2409d ago

why is every country a p**** when it comes to america and extredition or rendition its so f***** up

SilentNegotiator2409d ago

He broke copyrights of owners in the US and he's going to court in the US. What an upset. /s

Imagine if we didn't have cooperation in copyright laws. Countries like China are already used as hubs for undermining copyrights.

fatstarr2405d ago

We should sue some of the big companies that enabled and promoted things like this to go on.