Sony’s Unveils the Alpha SLT-A57 a Bit too Soon?

TheGamersHub - Earlier this week Sony announced its latest translucent mirror DSLR-style camera the Alpha SLT-A57, which is set to replace its predecessor the Alpha SLT-A55.

While the Alpha A57 lacks the A55’s prominent geotagging capabilities the camera dons an ample list of features which include full 1080p video recording, a maximum ISO sensitivity of 16,000, and the latest Bionz imaging engine.

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Sucks if you just purchased an A55... Happened to me when i purchased my T2i, the T3i was announced 2 weeks later!

SilentNegotiator2405d ago

Awww man, bro. It's like technology is getting better as time goes along or something!