Will Windows 8 Be the Next Vista?

PCMAG - It's inevitable since Windows 7 was considered a decent operating system--Windows 8 is going to be called crap, whether it is or not.

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cyberbob2411d ago

Hmm actually i used window 8 developer preview and it feels little like window vista.But can't make any decesion just by using W8DP because its not final verison

fatstarr2411d ago

Microsoft has a strategy with mass tiles by having its influence on the xbox they can spread it to others.

they should have never killed off zune and they could have had something nice going.

in terms of the next vista every other Microsoft os is bad so yes by that rule windows 8 will suck imo. windows 9 will be a game changer.

dexus2411d ago

Since I hate metro style w8 is no-go for me.