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Forget New iPad: 5 Reasons to Buy Galaxy Note 10.1 Instead

IBTIMES Tech & Trend Writes: "The new iPad is under immense hype right now, the device is becoming the hottest thing to own, but do you really have to? There are other tablets out there that are able to do just about everything and more compared to the new iPad. They might not be the easiest to use, but with an Android tablet, users are likely to have more choices than with the new iPad. One such Android tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, one of the best Android has to offer."

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fatstarr2413d ago

my type of article.
dont want a tablet anytime soon though... it seems every time one gets my attention they come out with a new one or an updated device... its worse than the phone front. but the note is interesting. if nothing extremely impressive and new comes out by august Ill buy one.

the day I buy it the the note 10.2 will get announced knowing my luck

Strange_Evil2413d ago

I see no valid reason to buy a Note 10.1 over an iPad...

1) Stylus... This is a really dumb reason.. First of all, you gotta carry the stylus separately everywhere and apart from just drawing graffiti, it's pretty much useless. I'd much rather navigate with my fingers than use a Stylus. As Steve said, God has given you 10 Styluses. Use them instead.

2)Apps side by side... Probably the only justifiable reason within all of those. But still how much will that affect battery life is yet to be seen. I'd like to keep an IM chat or Twitter window open while I am surfing the web.

3)Attach a mouse... Again moot point. Tablets are meant to be mobile. Even if you are at a desktop, why would you use a mouse. Aren't people crying that the Win 8 in a hassle to navigate using a mouse and it's good while using a touch screen... Same argument here.

4)Thinner.... This is the most ridiculous point. I'd much rather take an iPad with nearly double the battery life of the Note 10.1 than something that is just 0.8 mm more thinner. Seriously, will you even notice the difference? Even Apple could have created the slimmest tablet, but they wanted better battery life.

5)ICS... Oh, for phones, I can understand, but on a tablet iOS >>>>> Android OS. The Apps itself tip the balance here. When Tim Cook compared Android to iOS, he made a great point of how the apps on Android looked like blown up versions of the mobile apps whereas iOS apps were made from ground up for the iPad. 200,000 apps versus a handful of thousand apps here itself means iPad wins...

Quiet frankly, I think the new iPad easily takes this category... The biggest reason is the retina display... It will blow the notes low res display out of the water. Secondly, 4G is a huge reason as well. With Note 10.1, at max it's HSPA+ (correct me if I am wrong here). Also, iPad will have much better battery life. iPad is more powerful with it's Quad core GPU and it will have better app support. In short, iPad takes this one easy. Unless you REALLY hate Apple and want only Android, I see no reason why anyone would pick the Note over an iPad.

DG902413d ago

I really don't know why you have a disagree.. I agree with 90% of what you said.. Good comment!

monkey nuts2412d ago

Clearly you both drank the apple cool aid. A wall off text in an attempt to disprove the article's viewpoint? Damn son, U MAD BRO? XD

Rageanitus2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

You seem pretty mad its kindov funny how you go out of your way to defened a piece of plastic....

In reality ppl choose android because it is much more open and customizable, and ppl choose apple because it has some kindov cultural connection and its hip (good ol apple marketing at work)

I love how the apple enthusiasts love to bring up spec this spec that... but in reality it is much more confined making those specs useless IMO

This is a gr8 example

Strange_Evil2412d ago

I ain't mad, I just had time on my hand and so I went through the argument the writer has and countered it with my own. If you have a valid point than raise it rather than calling me on Apple Cool aid or mad.

I am talking from a normal customers view point here. Apps on the iPad are better in terms of being built from the ground up. If you go to a shop and they have an iPad next to the Note 10.1, people will obviously like the iPad more due to the retina display popping in your face. This ain't specs, it's just what you are seeing and first impressions are the most imp.

I can understand your 'Android is open' argument, but only a fraction of the people care and I will obviously care more more about the Apps over some customization argument.

And it's NEVER been about the specs, that is why the iPad and all other Apple products are a success. The iPad is just a much more 'Fluidic' experience. Just look at the Note 10.1 demonstration and the iPad demo. The Note 10.1 was lagging even in opening and closing an application (it's the same processor they are using that they used in the Tab 10.1 and having used the Tab 10.1, it doesn't hold a candle infront of the iPad in terms of smoothness of UI) and the iPad was blazing through even with heavy applications like iPhoto... Just shows how much iOS is optimized on tablets over the Note or Tab on Android. People value these experience more than 'openness'.

bahabeast2412d ago

the galaxy note is more customizable thats why i would choose one over an ipad.

mcstorm2412d ago

I disagree with buying both these tablets and think a windows 8 tablet is the one to wait for.

I have a xoom my other half has a galaxy tab 10.1 and my bro has a ipad and the biggest problem with them all is you still need a windows/osx/Linux computer to have a full experience in everything digital.

Dont get me wrong i love my xoom but it is limited and the ipad is even more limited where windows 8 will not be. It will come with a pen and will work with more or less every x32 and x64 program as well as all new metro programs that are designed for touch and is not limited like both android and ipads are.

For me both android and apple have alot to do in terms of making there tablets replace a pc or laptop and with windows 8 filling that gap they may have to move sooner rather than later.

Raider692412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Well if microsoft gets the W8 tablet with some nice specs an a battery life like the ipad plus that 0ms free lag touch display technology they shown this week than they got a winner.

bahabeast2412d ago

windows 8 design is realli nice and i see microsoft going deep with the o/s but the marketplace has ALOT of catching up to do, that alone will draw people away from a windows 8 tablet.

mcstorm2411d ago

I think if microsoft port over the wp7 market place into the windows 8 market place i would say there were more than enough apps to match that of the ipad and android. I am a wp7 user and even though there are not as many apps on wp7 as the other two it has more or less all the best ipad and android apps as wellas some of its own.

I have also been using windows 8 on my work none touch screen laptop and i have to say i like it even better than windows 7 and i think ms are now starting to show us all that when they put there mind to it they can match and beat the others in the os department.