China Is Hoarding Minerals Used for Smartphones and iPads, Obama Warns

Mashable - The U.S. will argue before the World Trade Organization (WTO) that China’s limitations on its rare earth mineral exports are unfair, President Obama announced Tuesday. The hard-to-find minerals are used in the production of high-tech equipment such as smartphones and hybrid cars.

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cyberbob2411d ago

I guess minerals belongs to china and we don't have to right to tell them to share.Only thing can do is spend more time on investing in other locations

wjbjnr2411d ago

That's not the American Government's style to back off, instead what they do is impose useless wars on mineral/oil rich countries..

History proves it! Biggest example : Iraq (they said they have discovered chemical weapons and killed many innocent people just for O I L ) .

cyberbob2411d ago

agreed lets see what US government will do in this issue

monkey nuts2410d ago

Lol. You don't F*#k with china. China F*#ks with you. . . . .

SilentNegotiator2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

The NEWEST president goes to the WTO and you go into a spiel about how the US is going to war against the most industrial/Military state on the planet?

This isn't the Bush administration. Sure, Obama hypocritically committed acts of war in Lybia for a foreign civil war, but he isn't dumb enough to invade least not in an election year. lol

But things really do need to change before they get ugly. China's practices are incredibly destructive and uncompetitive. No one is REALLY going to be happy if the US starts moving its business elsewhere. It would at least be a really rough transition.

China can't survive well without the US's business any more than the US can without China's business.

The_Nameless_One2411d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

F<3<3<3 Iran. You'll see the next big war will involve the US vs. China.

fatstarr2411d ago

yes I was just thinking the same thing.

thats usually how it goes if a country that isnt on the same level as yours hoards valuable resources you attack and take.

cyberbob2411d ago

why you so intrested in world war.Didnt you like peace

monkeyfox2410d ago

it SHOULD hoard them.. it makes most of the worlds electronics..

Sucitta2410d ago

we have never known or lived in peace... wake up please <3

tawak2410d ago

how bout if US will ban everything from china and moved all US based factories in south america and other parts of asia like thailand,malaysia, philipines. and then pressure the allies to do the same..that will surely hurt.

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