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What Actually Happens when you Delete a File?

Gamers Nexus: "As part of GN's first 'officially unofficial' Hard Drive Week, we're ready to talk about file deletion and recovery! I previously mentioned in the "how to recover a deleted document" guide that recovering files is exceedingly easy provided the hard drive hasn't yet overwritten the territory previously occupied by the content. Why, though, does deleting a file leave it recoverable? This quick guide walks through the logic of how file deletion works in Windows."

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fatstarr2412d ago

Knew some of this. But interesting none the less
Its crazy just how recoverable deleted files are.
If the fbi ever raided any of us we would be in trouble

CynicalVision2412d ago

'If the fbi ever raided any of us we would be in trouble'

Lol, speak for yourself! I don't have anything to hide.

Spydiggity2412d ago


that's what they all say

fatstarr2412d ago

you buy every ounce of media and every program on your computer?
also do you use them according to their tos?

CynicalVision2411d ago


Sure, I only use my computer for basic things like web browsing and the odd Steam game.

SKUD2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

If you really want to delete a file?. Do as the picture shows. Shatter everything. Good stress release too.

Sobari2412d ago

Companies actually do that; they physically destroy the drives to guarantee that sensitive data can't be stolen.

Lelldorianx2412d ago

Some of them have gone a step further and actually invented hard drive "shredders," which function much in the way that a paper shredder does... except, you know, lethally.

Some companies just slam a spike down a shaft filled with hard drives, which doesn't always guarantee your crucial data was killed, so be careful when choosing!

FinalomegaS2412d ago

I use the same deletion protocol the US. Government use to get the job done.

nothing to hide but it seems there are more and more people out there willing to sniff through an other persons personal data. That actually bothers me.

Secure delete in accordance with U.S. government guideline: Files are overwritten multiple times with specific data patterns before deletion (standard procedure of the U.S. Department of Defense)
Secure delete in accordance with the Gutmann method: The data to be deleted is overwritten in 35 stages, with random values in accordance to a special pattern, before being deleted (per Peter Gutmann).

fatstarr2412d ago

I never dump my old rigs or hdds.

FinalomegaS2412d ago

haha me too, have like 6 HDD in my bin at home.