12-year-old sues school district over Facebook profile search

News.Cnet : A Minnesota school district is sued by a 12-year-old girl who claims that the school pressured her to give up her Facebook password. But, wait, the minimum age on Facebook is 13.

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Speed-Racer2414d ago

*Whoosh* Out the window. The "contract" between Facebook and the 12 year old is null and void due to her age.

AgentWhite2414d ago

Side affects of minors using facebook , this time facebook itself is under the radar , how can let the 12 year girl create an account . Troubles around .

Reborn2414d ago

There isn't really any methods in place for FB to know your 'real' age. Unless they monitor you, and hope you slip up eventually. Or someone reports a comment, or post with you mentioning it.

(I may be wrong?)

But yeah, this will probably get thrown out, and more hatred upon Facebook.

MmaFan-Qc2414d ago

you put your infos on the internet?


the 12-year-old girl need a good reality check.

AgentWhite2413d ago

i agree with the fact that presently there is no way facebook can find the real age .. But the need to develop this thing or they are delibrately avoiding as their users can fall dramatically if user less then 18 years are discarded .

SilentNegotiator2414d ago

But what right does the school have pressuring her to give up her Facebook password?

Speed-Racer2414d ago

They don't have a right to do so, but the law doesn't exactly always account for what is fair. I guess they may suffer some form of penalty otherwise (maybe from the school district), but she wouldn't be able to sue them herself or even with a legal guardian.

SilentNegotiator2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Okay, let's say that it's perfectly reasonable for an interrogation of the girl without parental consent that leads to Facebook passwords being acquired.

What about the email passwords, then? And the interrogation/search of the girl in general?

And all this over calling the hall monitor "mean", using "naughty language" to ask who had been enough of a jerk (my words, lol) to screenshot her private facebook posts, and "discussing sex"?

Putting myself in her shoes, I can only imagine how creepy it would be for my school(s) during "pre-teen to teen" years to demand access to things I had communicated personally (and outside of school) to friends simply because I had called someone "mean", used a "bad" word, and discussed sex. I would be in trouble daily, lol.

Private words should be private, whether digital, said, signed, smoke signaled, whatever. Privacy shouldn't be judged by medium.

I'm not saying for certain that the law doesn't allow it, but I AM saying that it shouldn't.

RememberThe3572413d ago

Silent, that was brilliant.

NarooN2414d ago

Don't you have to be 13 to make an account anyway?

Moncole2413d ago

You can really sue for anything in America lol

fatstarr2413d ago

sigh the power of kids today.

DarkBlood2413d ago

guess i know how the jedi council felt about anakin skywalker