New Developer Tools in Firefox 11 Aurora

Mozilla Hacks Blog: Last month, I wrote a post for Hacks introducing the new tools in Firefox 10 Aurora. Those features have now moved to beta. Thanks for all of the great feedback so far!

In a dramatic turn at the end of that blog post, I foreshadowed that we had “more to come”. And, indeed here I am to tell you about the new developer tools features now in Firefox Aurora. What you see here is slated for final release in March, 2012.

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fatstarr2409d ago

Still using firefox 3.6 if there was a way I could install this with out disturbing 3.6 I would totally try it out.

cyberbob2409d ago

Even i'm using the same.Aurora is the one who let Firefox down.

fatstarr2408d ago

its just too much updating. they need to slow down and make it good like the old days.