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How To Pause Youtube Videos To Watch Later In Chrome

TechFlashed : Sometimes we have to skip the video because we have some urgent meeting or may be any other reason and our session gets interrupted . Something like this can be very agitating as we can also forget where we left off.

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Sahil2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I had no idea, thanks for the tip.

AgentWhite2415d ago

very helpful for youtube viewers . One can pause the video and resume again from that point only . its awesome .

AgentWhite2415d ago

its like an asset .one will love to have .

bahabeast2415d ago

chrome= best browser and google 2 da world :) chrome, droid, youtube keep it coming google im waiting for the O/S

AgentWhite2415d ago

chrome is by far The Best Browser . No competitor to chrome.

B_Rian892414d ago

I was able to do resume a video using Firefox a few times. I dont know how I did it, i think it depends on the video