Is Facebook Sexualizing Young Girls?

Shine from Yahoo: Adolescence can be a tricky time for even the most well-adjusted kid out there. Add technology and social media to the equation, though, and young teens can find themselves facing the kind of scrutiny once reserved only for celebrities.

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AgentWhite2418d ago

i guess ones own mindset has to do a lot with this . Yes its great to look smart and beautiful no problems with that .

AgentWhite2417d ago

Yes indeed , it has some impact .

Kos-Mos2416d ago

Actually I`m referring to the author who cannot write a proper headline. But I guess it was hard to understand.

Reborn2416d ago

Well, no one forces you to put certain images, or information on FB. People make that choice themselves.

I can understand some situations, but mostly, it's choices which the user makes. Stop trying to find things to blame, and start accepting responsibility.

BeastOrange2416d ago

Yes people need to educate themselves and realize we live in a devious age and society. Remember locks werent invented to keep thieves out they were invented to keep honest men honest.

GameGuy2415d ago

Facebook didn't make the young girls do it. They are just seeking attention in any way possible. They did the same thing on myspace.

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