Facebook scam: OMG - I just hate RIHANNA after watching this video

Zdnet - Scammers are once again using Rihanna’s celebrity name to spread their nonsense on Facebook. This time, they are trying to lure you into a survey scam by telling you about a video that doesn’t exist.

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xVeZx2466d ago

people who actually answer those surveys deserve to get scammed...

cyberbob2466d ago

I might say yes to your response but Users who are unknown to these type of scam ,get stuck in all this

Speed-Racer2466d ago

People still fall for this crap?

Kwertie2466d ago

I'm surprised people fall for this on the basis:
a)that is so obvious
b)you have to jump through so many hoops most people would have given up already

If you still proceed with the surveys, premium lines and stuff then you deserve a medal. Or a virus.