Navy’s Newest Robot Is a Mechanized Firefighter

Wired : Add another eerily lifelike robot to the military’s rapidly expanding android army. This one is, of all things, a mechanical firefighter. And not only can it climb ladders like its flesh-and-blood counterparts, it’s designed to interact with human handlers in a kind of human/robot bucket brigade.

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AgentWhite2419d ago

What can be the impact if robot's are used ? It can be beneficial as well as devastating . This robot needs much more improvement , 30 min battery is negligible i guess .

Soldierone2418d ago

I think the overall idea is awesome. I just don't understand why something like this needs to look and work like a human? It might be more efficient to make it look differently, but work properly.

I much rather send a robot in to extinguish a fire, at least to a point of control, rather than risk a human life.

AgentWhite2418d ago

i definitely agree with your idea that robots should not look like human .

AgentWhite2418d ago

While scientist may have thought that humans structure is best suited to do any kind of work with a higher success rate . This may be reason they try and develop robot look like humans .This is my after thought which is completely ironical to my previous one .

CanadianTurtle2418d ago

People are so stupid to think that robots in this coming age will have their own minds and take over the world. We aren't even CLOSE to that.

C_Menz2418d ago

We are somewhat close. Just see Watson, it may not be as close as some think be it isn't that far off.

Soldierone2418d ago

Taking over the world, no. However we are at the point where you could put several technologies together and it will seem as though a robot has a brain like ours.

I mean take conversations for example. Siri is evolving every day, take those actions and put it into a robot, and it will know how to talk to you. They track everything we do, what we watch, what internet sites we go on, etc...eventually if someone puts all this data into a machine it will know how to at least interact with us, thats my opinion at least.

Somebody2418d ago

Interesting. Soon we'll see C3POs walking around US warships. Well, as long as they don't put emotions chips or a learning code in its programming. Usually those are the reason for robot uprisings in movies. Why would you want to put such things in robots anyway?

Remember when God decided to put such things in humans? Look how great that turned out. Even some of the strictly programmed angels were disgusted at how we turned out.

Tzuno2418d ago

yeah look on what they spend money. and everybody happy sheep's hurayyy!!!