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New iPad's most revolutionary feature is its battery

ZDnet: The iPad’s most revolutionary feature isn’t the 2048×1536 Retina display LCD panel, or the 4G LTE connectivity. It’s something that you can’t see.

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AgentWhite2418d ago

atleast some one found the goods in it .

snoop_dizzle2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

This is something I can usually give Apple credit for. They generally don't skimp on battery life. One of my biggest gripes with mobile tech is battery life. It annoys me endlessly that not enough companies don't put more effort into that (and build quality). Apple isn't exclusive in this, but it seems most companies ignore this and their products suffer because of it.

C_Menz2418d ago

One of the reasons I went with an iPhone 4 for my phone. The battery is often overlooked when someone purchases a mobile device but is actually one of the more important aspects of a mobile device.

CynicalVision2418d ago


Sorry, 10 hours is hardly revolutionary.

Titanz2418d ago

Most people (experienced gamers) were talking about how the ipad 3's battery life would suffer from all the specs they've put into their device.

I know for a fact that you can replace the 3DS's battery, so at least Nintendo thought about the people who wanted to upgrade.

CynicalVision2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

A few problems with your comment;

1) "experienced gamers", really? The Ipad is not for gaming, it's a tablet. An "experienced" gamer will not buy an iPad for gaming alone since there are dedicated ones on the market and offer much more of an experience (lol buttons).

2) Even comparing it to the Vita or any real gaming handheld is a mistake. Like I said, the iPad is not designed for gaming.

Tell me, what would you use more for everyday use? A Vita or the iPad? I would assume it would be the iPad because it's a tablet first. 10 hours is good don't get me wrong, but revolutionary? Hardly.

ngecenk2417d ago


you simply don't understand Titanz statement. new iPad is definitely good enough for gamer. yes it won't beat vita, but surely it will someday. but the point is, with so much pixel they have to fill (more than twice vita pixel) and hardware that is almost match the vita (both has quad core GPU), its revolutionary it can hold for 8-10 hours. heck even vita can only hold for 4-5 hours.

Speed-Racer2417d ago

Running a dual core CPU and Quad Core GPU, it's very good if you ask me.

Titanz2417d ago


My apologies for the confusion.